About Kirsty

The things that make me different make me – Winnie the Pooh

Hello, my name is Kirsty Faith Sylvester. I was not born looking the same as the “normal” child everyone might imagine. When I was born, I only had one nostril for a nose and nothing else. I basically had nothing else.

Throughout my childhood I have had many surgeries, 16 to be exact. I have never feared a surgery because I knew I would most likely have one each year. They have never bothered me before and most likely never will. I enjoy seeing the many improvements made to my nose with each surgery and how much my confidence increases.

For a long time, I have been looked at by others or made fun of. I was made fun of just because I look different, but I believe everyone is beautiful no matter what they happen to look like. I have heard many ugly things people have to say and although they may make me sad, I never think I am any less of a person. No matter what a person looks like, everyone is imperfect, and in my eyes, that is okay.

I have many people within my life that have helped me build my confidence and have stuck by my side throughout my abundance of surgeries such as my dad, brother, Cecil Harris or, best friend, Autumn Cooper. My dad is a single father raising both my brother and me. He has never turned down a single surgery that I have needed no matter the cost or distance. He has been a great supporter and life line throughout my surgical journey and life in general.

Usually, my surgeries are held in Atlanta, Georgia. I have always loved going to that hospital and they have done so much for me. However, as I have had a few previous surgeries, I have noticed that the cosmetic portion of my nose has not been improving. Since we have been seeing the same results within these past few surgeries, we have decided to look into  seeing another doctor. Thankfully, we found a doctor in Beverly Hills, California that thinks he will be able to help me out and is very confident in doing so. We live in Brandon, Mississippi so it is kind of hard to make our way all the way up there. I am supposed to be receiving a surgery this summer in order to improve my breathing and appearance. Although the cosmetic portion of the surgery is a plus, I am most excited about getting my breathing issue fixed. As of right now, I have an extremely small right nostril which makes breathing a really hard task. With this upcoming surgery, I hope to get that fixed. I am also hoping to improve the tip of my nose because it seems to be very flat right now. I would ultimately love to see my nose fit my face the way it should and get more of a tip to my nose.

To everyone who sees this and decides to help me out, I am extremely thankful for everything you have done for me! You are truly a blessing! Although I may not know you or maybe I do, I would like to thank each and every person that ends up helping a million times over again. I hope everyone who sees this gets inspired to keep moving through life with their head up because it is perfectly okay to be different. Being different means you are not the same as everyone else and that’s pretty special in my eyes. So once again, thank you so much for everything you decide to do for me, even if it’s just a prayer!