As many of you know Kirsty was having her 17th surgery in 17 years this past June 2019 to help her breathe from a collapsed nasal passages caused from congenital birth defects. Through help from Dr. Blackledge we were able to go through a journey to find a doctor and team that felt they could help Kirsty with breathing issues. Through our search we were able to get in touch with Dr. Johnathan Sykes Beverly Hills, CA. We flew out to California from Mississippi and Dr. Sykes performed surgery on Kirsty on June 14th. Immediately Kirsty was able to breathe better. We remained in California for eight more days and had a post op visit to remove stitches and braces before returning home to Mississippi. When stitches and splints were removed Kirsty was not only able to breathe so much better but she loved her new look. She was finally able to see a tip and bridge in her nose that made her very excited.

We are now 15 months since surgery and everything is still going great for Kirsty. She continues to be able to breathe and sleep so much better. We were planning on returning to California summer 2020 for another post visit to see if any other medical procedures are needed now or in the future but due to Covid this visit has been postponed.

We will continue to update everyone through this site on Kirsty’s journey and progress. Thank you all and God Bless.